The Business of Baking On Tour is  a class thats industry specific, fun and will get you get to exactly where you want to be in life AND in business.  Why are we able to teach you so much? Because we’ve been there, done that, and delivered thousands of cakes to prove it. We actually own cake businesses in real life (not just online!) – businesses with real customers and real employees that existed in the real world. We bring that real life experience to this class. 

In 2018,  there are TWO classes available. You can do one or both as you wish:

  • Beginner: Either you don’t have a business yet, or you’ve only been in it a short while (usually under 2 years.) You want to make sure you’re doing things like pricing right, need to learn how to get more orders, and get things on the right track so you can get this business to the level you want it. It’s really time to get a little more serious about this business of yours and this class is going to help you do that.
  • Advanced: You’ve been in business a while, you’ve got plans to grow it and you’re starting to look at things like teaching and tutorials, hiring employees, new or bigger premises, and life beyond just taking orders for 1:1 clients.  You may have previously done our class.

The course covers topics such as these:

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  • Business Planning and Purpose – Where are you going with your business plans and why you’re going there. What is this all for, exactly? What do you do once things are going along smoothly? What’s the next step?
  • Time Management – How to make, find, and spend your time better in your business, your kitchen, your life. How to stop procrastinating and start getting stuff DONE so that you make more money but spend less time doing it.
  • Communication Skills – How to have the important conversations with everyone you come in contact with. Your clients, your competition, your supplies, your staff.
  • Marketing – How to book out your calendar for months in advance, sell more products, grow your business, and achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself. We’re also going to talk about social media, business development and branding.
  • Systems – How to systemise a custom baking business (yes, it’s possible) to save you more time and money. You’ll learn those systems are and how to create them so that your life becomes a lot less chaotic.
  • Finance – Show me the money! How to start a business when you have no budget, how to handle money so it doesn’t handle you, and how to run a financially efficient and sustainable business so that YOU GET PAID (finally!)
  • Professionalism and etiquette – How not to be “that guy” online and in real life. We’ll give you the best lessons in customer service, even if you think you already treat your clients well.
  • Finding your niche – How to work out your style, design and point of difference so that you get noticed in the marketplace and clients come to you for your special skill or talents.
  • Pricing – Learning how to price your products from a single dowel all the way to quoting. You’ll learn about monthly budgeting, how to work out the number of orders you can take on, and how to take the pain out of the quoting process.
  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – How to fit the business you love into the life you want. You can be a great parent, friend, sibling, spouse AND run a business – it’s about knowing how to get those two things working in harmony as opposed to always feeling pulled in a hundred directions.

Your ticket includes all  the content of the course as outlined above AND YOU ALSO GET:

  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Non-awkward networking
  • A whole room of other business owners to make friends with, learn from, and encourage. The connections you make are invaluable to the success of your business.

You need to make some real money, find more time and feel totally IN CONTROL of your cake business. We’re going to help you do that. (Read how we’ve done that for others on the Testimonials Page.) 

Why are we qualified to teach this class? 

Michelle Green and Sharon Wee are 2 cake  business owners who between them have managed to grow their businesses to the point of full time income and then some. With more than 15 years experience between us, we have made and sold thousands of cakes, cupcakes and more for thousands of happy customers. We’ve had employees,  expanded our locations, been featured in major publications (both online and print), taught cake decorating locally and overseas, created and sold online classes and tutorials, and helped hundreds of business owners achieve their business dreams. We are also both Craftsy instructors.  

Michelle achieved her business success while parenting three kids, becoming a qualified pastry chef and owning a store front. Sharon achieved her success entirely from home and along the way became an internationally known and award winning cake decorator with hundreds of thousands of fans globally.  We’ve learned, seen, and achieved so much and yet we each did it in our own way.

What happens next?

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