How much does it cost?

Prices vary by location so make sure you visit our WHERE and WHEN page for full details based on where you'd like to meet us.

Can I pay for it via a payment plan?

Yes, sure. Simply get in touch via email - michelle@thebizofbaking.com - and we'll set up a plan which is manageable for you. To cover administrative costs, any classes that are paid via the instalment plan attract a 5% surcharge.

Will you be coming to my part of the world?

We do our best to put the classes into the cities we've had the most interest from, and people have travelled all over the world to come along to those cities.  We both run businesses and have families, and plan our Tours around those commitments. Please visit our WHERE and WHEN page for the current list of destinations.

What time of day does the class run? What do I need to bring?

Class starts at 9am and ends at 5pm and runs for one full day.  We provide 2 x snacks, lunch, and drinks all day. Wear something comfortable, bring along your favourite pen, a notebook to write in and anything else you need to feel comfortable. We'll take care of the rest. Hey, if you want to bring us some of your baked creations, we won't say no!

How many people are going?

For most locations the maximum we can fit is 15, but it's location dependant. Once those spots are gone, they're gone.

Is my ticket refundable if something comes up?

Within 30 days of the event, no. Before that, no problem at all. If it's within 30 days of the event, you can transfer your enrolment to someone else at no penalty. Please read our terms and conditions before signing up.

I don’t have a baking business, I’ve really just got a good idea. Is this course right for me?

For total beginners, we recommend taking the Beginner class. Everyone is at a different place in their business experience – from total newbies to some who are already established. This is the course you attend if you truly want to make that idea turn into something great. Even if you're in business already, the Tour is a great way to make sure you are on track with where you want to be, and to ensure you've got all the bases covered. Our students range from people with an idea to people who are already teaching internationally or who have opened a store (or two!) - that's why we offer two different levels of classes. A lot of people (even beginners) choose to do BOTH days, because you'll learn different things which will be useful to you throughout your business experience.

Why is it so expensive?

If the very first question you're asking is this one, that probably means this isn't the right class for you. This class is an investment in yourself and your business, which means that it's going to pay for itself. You'll walk out of it ready and able to make more money, save more time, and build a profitable, long term business.  We're teaching you skills for a lifetime - have a look at what other students have thought about their experiences. We know money in small business is sometimes tight, which is why we offer a payment plan.

How can I get more information?

Send an email to michelle@thebizofbaking.com  - we're happy to give you more information if you need it - but make sure you read through all the pages here first as we might have already answered it for you.