Australian Classes – 2018

In addition to the incredible results you’ll get from the class, also included in your ticket is…

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Non-awkward networking
  • A whole room of other business owners to make friends with, learn from, and encourage
  • A high value and fun filled day(s) with 2 baking business owners who between them have managed to grow their businesses and have experience of doing it with: kids, no kids, dogs, no dogs, working at home, owning a shopfront, doing wedding cakes, hating wedding cakes. Between us we’ve seen and experienced a heck of a lot and we’d love to share that with you.
  • NEW FOR 2018: AN EXTRA DAY for FREE! You get to come BACK a few weeks later for Get Shit Done Day – at no additional cost! (more info below)

Beginner class: For people who feel they’ve been “winging it” until now but need some sold ways to manage their time, sort out their pricing, and figure out their marketing once and for all. You’ve had a great time until now but you’re wanting to take it a little more professionally and start building the business.

Advanced class: For people who are ready to take it to the next level: we’re talking multiple income streams, taking on employees, moving to bigger premises, longer term marketing strategies, starting to teach others. You’re really ready to take it all up, up, up from here!

Both days: For people who feel they’ve got some parts right and other parts that need help. Day One will solidify your knowledge and get you up to speed, Day Two will challenge and excite you onwards to growth!

It’s time to feel how amazing it is to invest in yourself and your business.  Yes, we believe you can make a living doing what you love. We’re here to teach you how.


Early bird (ENDING April 15) -> Beginner: $497, Advanced $497. Both days: $994 (Save $100 by booking early!)

Beginner: $597, Advanced: $597. Both days: $1194

Australia classes for 2018 all include the Get Shit Done Day!

So – you’ll get one (or two) days of instruction AND you get to come back 6 weeks later for a day of DOING. It’s a free follow up day where we’ll come back together again to get things happening. We’re not going to just TALK about it, we’re going to DO it. We want to turn all the amazing intention into ACTION, once and for all. This third day is FREE for you – it’s optional, but we recommend you do it if you can.

Sydney: GSD Day is on June 16th.

Melbourne: GSD Day is on June 23rd.




All classes run 9:00am - 5:00pm.