The Business of Baking on Tour teaches essential business skills to women like you. You want to make real money from your cake business and start to feel like you know what you’re doing rather than just kinda hoping it all works out.

NEW for 2017: there are TWO streams available for this class:

  • Beginner: Either you don’t have a business yet, or you’ve only been in it a short while (usually under 2 years.) You want to make sure you’re doing things like pricing right, need to learn how to get more orders, and get things on the right track so you can get this business to the level you want it. It’s really time to get a little more serious about this business of yours and this class is going to help you do that.
  • Advanced: You’ve been in business more than 2 years, you’ve got plans to grow it and you’re starting to look at things like teaching and tutorials, hiring employees, new or bigger premises, and life beyond just taking orders for 1:1 clients.  You may have previously done our class. This class is BRAND NEW for 2017 and includes content you’ve not yet heard – we cover some of the same topics as below but on a more advanced level.

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

“There’s so much competition in this industry. I’m losing orders because everyone is so much cheaper than me.  How  are they even making any money if their prices are so low?”

“I know I should do more marketing but I hate talking about myself. I’m just no good at putting it out there. I’m embarrassed to talk about my cakes.”

“I know my prices are too cheap, but I have no idea how to raise them. I’m bad at math and even if I do raise them, I’m worried I’ll lose all my customers.”

“I’m physically exhausted from working all day at my normal job then coming home at night and having to make cakes. I’m hardly getting any sleep. I wish I could just make cake all day instead.”

“I’ve only just started out so I’m not sure if I should invest in business classes.”

If any of these sound familiar, you are in exactly the right place to attend this class.

We’re going to teach you how to get more orders, charge what you’re worth, make more money, get more time and get control over your business and your life.  We’re going to turn you into the cake business boss you want to be.

Here’s what our recent students have said about their experience with this class:



Michelle Green and Sharon Wee are 2 cake  business owners who between them have managed to grow their businesses to the point of full time income and then some. With more than 15 years experience between us, we have made and sold thousands of cakes, cupcakes and more for thousands of happy customers. We’ve had employees,  expanded our locations, been featured in major publications (both online and print), taught cake decorating locally and overseas, created and sold online classes and tutorials, and helped hundreds of business owners achieve their business dreams. We are also both Craftsy instructors.  Read More About Us Here.

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